The Situation

You Me NYC wishes all fathers a Happy and Healthy Father’s Day.  Hug your Children and keep them safe!!!!

Happy Father's Day You Me NYC


In simple terms, the “situation” is when “Original” or “True” New Yorkers are explaining the terms of a story, issue, scenario or any other type of locality.  We always start off with “Here’s this situation” or “This is the situation”.   In this case,   the “situation” is what we are using to describe what this online Publication(You Me NYC) is all about.  We are published for all New Yorkers by Original New Yorkers.

Starting off the situation by section:

Events, Events, and More Events:  – If you have an upcoming event in one of our boroughs, we will list if for you right here.

Expression Through Movement: –  All of the finest in the New York City Dance Community, from African Belly-dance, Hip Hop, Samba and all other genres, this section of our publication is for all lovers of dance.
Happy Holidays
Fabulous: – Everything fashion, whether it’s jewelry, clothing and or accessories, here is where you will find the latest trend in all about looking fantastic or “Fabulous”.

Really!!?: – For those moments when you shake your head and say “Really!!?”

Screw Brunch We Want Breakfast: – Reviews,  for all of the hidden spots in “the city” “Original New Yorkers” like to go and grab some breakfast.  Real New Yorkers don’t care about brunch, it’s all about breakfast.

Sports: – Need we say anymore?

The Five Boroughs: – Brooklyn(aka Brooklyn and that’s all it needs to be, however, you can throw the term “crooklyn” around), Queens(aka “the home” the home of Run DMC), Manhattan(aka”the city”), Bronx(aka”the boogie down”) and Staten Island(aka “shaolin” coined by Wu-Tang Clan): – In case you haven’t noticed, “the city” is broken down into five of them, however there is an unofficial sixth borough also known as “the island”.  The proper name is Long Island, we couldn’t possibly forget about “strong island”.

The Gallery:  – The latest and greatest regarding the realm of visual arts.  From traditional to photography, mixed media and more.

The Melody Chamber: – Enjoy the reviews and articles about music from production to performance by our seasoned writers.