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One of the most photographed, downloaded, and casted models, in South Florida is Anaiyah Sunshine. Anaiyah has been modeling and a staple in the South Florida circles and print publications for all to see and enjoy since she was 15 years of age.  

From being on countless numbers of billboards for “Land Shark” beer, featured in a vast amount of publications, both print and virtual, Anaiyah has an eye for fashion, visual art, and an amazing talent in performing art as well. Anaiyah assumed the roles of many responsibilities, she helped turn an idea into a reality for several years in a publication called “The Miami Style”. She started off as wardrobe coordinator and then was immediately moved into the “Director of Fashion” for the publication. She was in charge the most important factor for the publication, which was the layout and fabrication of the cover, each and every month ending her stint with her own cover as she paid a tribute to Josephine Baker.